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Our Story

Elfin King Specialty Coffee Roasters

We select, roast, and blend specialty grade, organic coffees from well managed coffee farms in Mexico.

Our mission is to offer consistency of product that always contain at least three elements:

1) high quality specialty grade roasted coffee beans,

2) fresh when packed and upon delivery,

3) use of organic and sustainable processes in growing, roasting, and delivery.


Coffee plants require specific environmental conditions to yield the coffee cherry. The general band for successful coffee agriculture exists between the two latitudinal Tropics, which is the band area under which the sun can be directly overhead: the Northern Tropic (Tropic of Cancer) and the Southern Tropic (Tropic of Capricorn).

What do we mean by high quality beans?

The coffee shrub yields its cherry throughout certain seasons with cherries of various ripeness (brix level) appearing on the same branch of one shrub. The highest quality coffee beans are those where the picker selects and batches the ripe cherries for further processing. Managing the intentionality in picking is an essential element in delivering a high-quality agricultural product to the roastery. The opposite of this approach is simply pulling all cherries of varying degrees of ripeness off the shrub, also known as C-grade or commodity or commercial grade. Flavor profiles are purer and intensified when working with high quality cherries.

What do we mean by fresh?

The raw, green coffee that is imported to the roastery must meet food safety standards, including a moisture content target that measures within certain percentages. As green coffee ages, it loses flavor compounds and becomes flat. We roast fresh beans that are full of flavor and then package and deliver to you using state of the industry packaging designed to preserve freshness.

What do you mean by organic and sustainable?

Coffee grown in monoculture arrangements, rows of plants that are easy to fertilize, water, and harvest are the stuff of commercial and commodity grade production. We know that the terroir and skill of the farmer contribute to the health and distinct quality of the final product. Just as how a well-designed product, say a cup, keyboard or jacket can make a big difference in the enjoyment one receives when using or wearing it, so too does the practice of intentional agricultural farming enhance the produce. Organic farming, biodynamic farming, regenerative and sustainable farming are all agricultural practices that we encourage and support at our roastery. We know that the extra care and attention given to the plants that are based upon such farming principles serve well-being in unseen small and large ways.

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